I had worked as a Firefighter in Hobart for almost 10 years when, in a moment of reflection, I realised that there was little record of the people I worked with – the experiences shared, the sights seen, both good and bad. So, I picked up my camera as the situation allowed, and began documenting these moments.
As Firefighters, we witness some of the most significant events in other people’s lives - building fires and road-crash rescues.
Most of these occur in the urban environment.
But, we also venture into the wilderness to fight wildfires in remote areas. These are the moments that stand out - working in these locations, strengthening a team of like-minded and dedicated individuals focused on protecting Tasmania’s wild places.
These images form part of an ongoing project to document working in the emergency services, not just as a photographer, but as a participant in unfolding events. As such, with a unique perspective not readily accessible to others...how we see it.
Combining firefighting and photography is something I have been very fortunate to do.
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