I have been a Professional Fire Fighter for 18 years, some time ago my work colleagues and I were discussing some of the jobs we had been to and how few photos we had to remember our experiences. I had always been interested in photography so I started taking my camera to work and began documenting the work that Firefighters and other Emergency Service workers do in what are often demanding situations. Over the recent fire season I recorded some of the devastation that occurred during the Tasman Peninsula and Molesworth fires. Taking photo's is always incidental to Firefighting but gradually I have built a portfolio which has been used in various publications. 

The photography that I do also includes BASE Jumpers, anyone who has watched BASE Jumping will know that in a split second they go from being life-size to the size of a dot. It’s hard to capture a good shot, harder still when you are perched on the edge of a remote cliff or building. They are amazing people, so tuned into life and it's experiences. Our experiences define who we are, thats why I take photos, to define a moment, to witness and capture an experience. 

In 2012 Warren was recognised in Capture Magazines "Australia's Top Emerging Photographers" as a finalist in the Sport category and joint runner up for Advertising. 

In 2013 an image from the Bridges Brothers Fire was selected as one of the years top 5 Photojournalism/ Documentary photos in Australia's Capture Magazine the Annual.